B is for Bárbara,
I’m 21 y/o, Brazilian,

LOVE FOR: words, specially poems and lyrics; music and all kind of sounds; old Hollywood movies; urban and fashion photography; regular people, fashion models, and musicians, and finally, beautiful or busy places.

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One Night Only.

For what you’ve said I should have left you
The streets I should have hit but I  missed it
There I was - I said. You laugh a bit.
In need of a taste of forbid; a taste of freedom.
A taste of you.

I was there and your body was over mine.
There we kissed and stayed.
Denied when asked If I would had to leave
There I wanted to be.
There I stay and further we went.
To your room we danced,
To your bed we played,
Our clothes off were taken.

There we were,
but now here I am.
In solitude, in desperation, in need.
In love I wouldn’t say but in lust I can’t deny.
But you are not around and you are not mine.

Here I am and you’re not.
There you are, in a knot.

[written by B]

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Tuesday Oct 10 @ 06:14pm
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