B is for Bárbara,
I’m 21 y/o, Brazilian,

LOVE FOR: words, specially poems and lyrics; music and all kind of sounds; old Hollywood movies; urban and fashion photography; regular people, fashion models, and musicians, and finally, beautiful or busy places.

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Before you.

Before you I never cried when right
I was always out and about at night
I use to madly dance and sing
I would go around bossing
I would never listen to anyone
I always got my things done
I smoked as much as i wanted
I always walked and wondered

Before you, I use to praise the sun
I would flirt with strangers for fun
I was never going back home
I’d wear gladiators when in rome
I was always searching for an excuse
I didn’t get surprised with bruises
I never watched for my carefree ways
I was swimming in forbidden bays
Before you I used to hurt myself
I made plans in a bookshelf
I used to dream of a far land
I would hate to walk hand-in-hand
I used to uniform in skirts and low-cuts
I thought I could resist to bullets
I use to go by with excess
I used to be a complete mess.

[written by B]

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