B is for Bárbara,
I’m 21 y/o, Brazilian,

LOVE FOR: words, specially poems and lyrics; music and all kind of sounds; old Hollywood movies; urban and fashion photography; regular people, fashion models, and musicians, and finally, beautiful or busy places.

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Dear you,
You know who you are. But I don’t. I fooled myself to think you were real. You were not. I thought you were this strong man that would hold me when I was in need. But here I am - crying alone. I was the one to fool myself, not you. How I wish I could blame you.
I tried so much. I have witnesses, I tried. So much effort in vain. Why did I try? I never tried before. I tried and failed. Not you… I was the one to fail. My fault… You always told me it was my fault… Now I see you are right.
It’s so dark in here. It’s so cold. So empty. In my head too. Dark. Cold. Empty.
I should leave, but I can’t.
This darkness confuses me, I can’t move in the cold. It’s an empty road.
I wish you the best. Because I tried. But i’m not. So I wish you truly the best.
Best Regrets,

[draft by B]

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