B is for Bárbara,
I’m 21 y/o, Brazilian,

LOVE FOR: words, specially poems and lyrics; music and all kind of sounds; old Hollywood movies; urban and fashion photography; regular people, fashion models, and musicians, and finally, beautiful or busy places.

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I was french kissed

Dear you… Bonne Nuit
I heard you are asking for fun
I heard you were looking for some

Vous Dansez, Monsier?
And now Malboro tastes of you
And my hips have the shape
of the hands that there stayed.

The night was a friend
And the moon extended
All the way Chez-Toi
All that Je Ne Sais Quoi

And you will only stay if voulez-vous.
And you will only be if voulez-vous.
And you will only do what voulez-vous.

You left quite an impression.
You were game, you are action.
Quite an impression…

[written by B]

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